Advanced Facial Aesthetics by Feoh Medical Aesthetics

at Dentalcare Langley


Feoh Medical Aesthetics together with Dental Care Group are bringing close to you a reliable option for your beauty enhancing and aging skin management treatments. Meet Advanced Facial Aesthetics Lead, Vanessa Mazza, a highly skilled Brazilian Dental Surgeon Specialist in Advanced Facial Aesthetics. With 5 years of experience in the field of advanced facial aesthetics, she has honed her expertise in enhancing facial features and increasing patients’ self-esteem.

As an expert in advanced facial aesthetics, Vanessa combines ability with precision, delivering transformative results that boost patients’ confidence. Beyond merely enhancing appearances, Vanessa is deeply committed to prioritizing patient health and wellbeing, ensuring each treatment is tailored to promote both aesthetic beauty and overall wellness.

Vanessa’s principles involve dedication to excellence, professionalism, and the highest standards of care. You can meet Vanessa across our clinics and experience where expertise and effective results meet.

Facial Aesthetics

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Facial Aesthetics

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Treatment Fees
Consultation £80 (100% redeemable)
Lip Filler from £297.00
Chin Enhancement from £297.00
Jaw Enhancement from £356.00
Tear Trough from £297.00
Anti-wrinkle 1 area £180.00
Anti-wrinkle 2 areas £225.00
Anti-wrinkle 3 areas £270.00
Liquid Rinoplasty £383.00
Skin Booster £248.00
Microneedling/Mesotherapy from £200.00
Radiesse £400.00
Sculptra £600.00
Filler Removal from £188.00
Injectable Hair Growth from £185.00
Nasolabial fold filler from £297
Treatment TMJ/Chronic pain £297.00
PDO Threads from £297.00
Sunekos £ 700.00 3 sessions
Profihlo £ 300.00
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